Writing About Writing (week of December 17)

Monday: journal (half page)
blog – edit Gun Control
blog – Penny
Tuesday: journal (two and a half pages)
blog – ideas
Wednesday: journal (one page)
blog – Traditions
Thursday: journal (one page)
Friday: journal (four pages)
blog – Fearless draft
Saturday: nothing
Sunday: nothing

As I’ve just moved out of my apartment, my record keeping system (the kitchen window with a dry erase marker) was unavailable   This week brought to you by my memory folks.  Methinks I will start using the mirror in my room at home.  Next week I suppose.

I had planned for this week to be more a calm week.  I had hoped to get in my write up for work, but alas, it was not to be.  It is now horribly late, but I don’t think anyone is expecting it or eagerly awaiting it’s arrival, so likely it will wait until late next week.

Next week I am planning on taking Monday and Tuesday “off”.  For me this means allowing myself to read in the middle of the day and not putting a limit on how many episodes of a TV show I can watch (the usual limit is 3).  I will likely spend some time journaling, but I am specifically no pressuring my life.

As stated, later in the week I want to do some work-related writing.  I also want to start a large list of things I can/want to/might do over my long break.  Taking suggestions, but not giving any promises.  Have a good week y’all.

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