Writing About Writing (week of December 24)

Monday: journal (5.5)
Tuesday: journal (2)
Wednesday: journal (1)
blog – this has been
blog – fearless
blog (?) – how to have a good vacation
travel writing exercise #1
accidental essay
Thursday: journal (3)
travel writing exercise #3
Friday: journal (4)
Saturday: blog – public television
Sunday: nothing

The verdict?  Not bad for a holiday week.  My goal last week was thinking/brainstorming/planning/praying.  While not accounted for here I did also work on my editorial calendar for January as well as some brainstorming for some more regular features that I plan to have on the blog.  Most of my writing seems pretty blog focused at the moment, and I’m pretty okay with that.  Except for the travel bit.

I purchased a book on travel writing and and reading and writing my way through it.  The book includes I think over a dozen exercises to try and hone your skills.  You may have noticed I didn’t do exercise #2.  It’s because it was stupid.  I’m exaggerating   Sort of.  The book I have is much more focused towards people who want to write travel articles or travel guides, whereas I am more interested in creative non-fiction based on my travel experiences.  With that in mind, not all of the exercises really pertain to me.

Anyway, next week.  Next week is another holiday week, so I don’t know how much will get done.  Granted, I don’t exactly have plans, but still.  I am hoping to get a feel for how life will be once everything becomes more routine, but with to house guests returning and me possibly not having a room for a few days, that’s probably a slim chance.

I would like to, either next week or the week after figure out approximately how long it takes me to write a week’s worth of blog posts so that I can have that information.  I’m hoping to collect this info over time and average it out to give me a good estimate.  I’m also excited to continue travel writing exercises and hopefully hear back from a few people who I sent my script to hear what they think.

On the not-quite-writing front I’d like to find a real live person who can work with me on my writing here in San Francisco, and in general get plugged in to some sort of community here.  Wish me luck!

Speaking of luck (sort of), as it is today New Year’s Eve, I hope you all have a great night and a happy New Tomorrow.


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