This Has Been: January Edition



January has been an odd month, like I knew it would be.  I spent most of it working on various things, and playing around with social media and watching YouTube videos, which I classified under “work” though maybe I shouldn’t.  While I’m happy with what I did get done, I’m disappointed in what I did not get done.

While I am an introvert (and these days thank goodness), I work better when I have someone to bounce ideas off of.  I can strengthen and clarify my ideas and then go into working on the with some degree of certainty that they will pan out.  I’m having trouble starting totally on my own.  A writers group would be fantastic for this purpose, but I don’t have one and can’t seem to find one.

If writing was a win-lose this month, blogging was simply a win.  I was able to keep up with posts with minimal slip ups, and I’ve got a bit of an editorial calendar ready for February.

And the other goals of the month?

  • Making dinner weekly.  Check.
  • Meeting new people.  Nope.  Though, I did sign up for a small group and will be going to a meeting tonight.
  • Workout twice a week. Mostly.  I’ve gone climbing or yogaing each once a week except for last week when I was sick.
  • Museums.  Yes and no.  I went to one, and it was outside the city, but I’ll call this one a fail.
  • Blog revamp.  Still no.

Also this month I got new glasses and some new clothes.  Mom and I are working on getting me something of a professional outfits to speak of.  I started searching for housing in LA, and watched a host of web series and an entire season of Leverage (I’m going to be watching their fan chat tomorrow!).

Band of Brothers

I first saw Band of Brothers this past semester.  In one of my classes we watched pieces of it in honor of veterans day.  I had heard of it before.  It was on the vague  “someday” list of things I’d like to see, but had no way to watch.  In looking it up I was surprised to discover that it’s just over a decade old, premiering in the fall to 2001.

Band of Brothers is an HBO mini-series about the 101st airborne division of the United States Army during World War II.  A historical, action drama about those who fought together from D-day to the end of the war and the things lost and gained along the way.

The show is ripe with historical facts and remembrances as each episode begins with interviews from the remaining living veterans of Easy Company, the platoon we follow throughout the story.  While it is certain that aspects of the show are fictionalized, I am not here to determine truth from fiction, only to see to the show as it is.

And what it is, is a case study of fantastic television   Band of Brothers succeeds on every level.  It is climatically beautiful and thematically brilliant.  Each episode has a message and follows a smaller story within the larger span.  As a bit of a history nerd, I appreciated the realism (sometimes strikingly so) as well as the individual aspect of each episode.

My only two “complaints” as they were, are nearly unavoidable in a story of this nature.  I had a terrible time of keeping track of all the characters.  I might be able to name three.  The other comment is a warning: graphic violence.  I hardly consider either a complaint though, but more of a facet of the type of storytelling that Band of Brothers is.

Overall, Band of Brothers is a fantastic show chronicling the battles — both military and personal — of a group of soldiers.  It can be hard to find, but it is well worth the time.

Looking for… A Place in LA

You know that thing where the more you learn about something the more you realize that you have no idea what you’re doing?  Yeah, my “search” for housing in Los Angeles has been a lot like that.  I started out thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal, but now I’m in a little over my head.

In a little over a month I am starting to take full time classes (like 40 hours a week) in a city I know virtually nothing about.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m so excited.  Buuuut, there isn’t likely to be copious amounts of spare time to find the nearest Trader Joe’s or make sure I have internet access.  It would probably be good if I had some of that in place before March 4th.

There is a fall back plan.  But I don’t really like it.  It’s far from my classes and more expensive than I was planning on.  I guess it’s good to HAVE a fall back plan, but at the moment it’s not super comforting.

So internet, I turn to you to help me find a place.  And if not, at least I’ll have collected all my housing wants in one place.  I have a few lists of what I’m looking for and what I’m like.  If you or someone you know lives in Los Angeles (I’m especially interested in the Hollywood area) then link them here and we’ll see where it goes.

In a Single/Studio Space, I would want…
-washer and drying on site
-furnished space if possible
-air conditioning
-parking available (street parking fine, if usually available in neighborhood)

In a Shared Space, I would want the above and…
-wifi availability
-kitchen access
-my own desk

Move In and Business
-Hollywood, Los Felix and adjacent neighborhoods preferred.
-Available March 1st at the latest (earlier availability welcome).
-I can afford about 800 a month for a single/studio or 400 for a shared space.  If you have a higher or lower offer I’ll still hear it, but that’s my ballpark.

Me (cause if you have someplace in mind, you’ll want to know who you’re offering it to)
-21-year-old, non-smoker
-quiet and relatively clean
-television writing student looking for networking opportunities
-willing to cook at least once a week/pay part of rent in cookies
-references available on request

Help a girl out?

Writing About Writing (week of January 21)

So this one may be a bit jumbled, my notes aren’t very clear.

Monday: blog –
Tuesday: journal
blog – Fringe
Wednesday: nothing
Thursday: journal (1)
blog – sick day
Friday: journal
Saturday: journal
Sunday: blog – apartments

Bah.  What a week.  I have been half sick for most of the week, including one day of being totally out of commission from a massive headache, cold, blehs.  I didn’t even get to go climbing this week!  So sad.  All things considered, I’m cool with it.

Next week I want to be focusing on finding a place to live in LA.  I have a whole list of people that I need to contact to try and find a place, but may wind up with something off airBnB in the meantime.  But more on that tomorrow.  I expect most of my writing this week to be emails, but am hoping to get back to journaling in a serious way too.

Sick Day

Todays post coming from my phone. I don’t know how it happened, but I’ve managed to get quite sick in the past few days (also why yesterdays post was late).

I don’t know about you guys, but being sick is one of my less favorite things. I always feel like I’m going to miss something important.

So today is spent alternating episodes of Leverage and Luther. While I’m excited to be making headway on some TV, I can’t wait to feel better.

Hope you all are doing well. Stay warm out there, and don’t get sick

Why Fringe was so Revolutionary, Thoughts on the Series Finale

I have already tried to get you to watch Fringe.  And considering that it’s series finale was last week, at exactly 100 episodes, it’s a bit late to convert you.  But I did want to share some of my thoughts on the series and my sentimentality over it ending.

The world of Fringe is full of alternate universes and time and memories being erased.  They move quickly from your typical freak of the week procedural, into a place where there are tons of questions to ponder with each new episode.  As a viewer

Fringe (TV series)

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I learned quickly to never trust what I was seeing, questioning every thing from characters motives to if they really were who they claimed.

The multiple universes and realities let the cast show off their versatility as each actor or actress played two or three different versions of their characters.  Olivia, Fauxlivia, and WilliamBell!Olivia.  Peter and Observer!Peter.  Walter and Walternate.  Even when the character itself didn’t change, what the characters remembered was sometimes different from what the audience saw, and the actors all played it beautifully.

From the finale the show’s message is clear: love of family wins over all hate.  Seeing it shine so clearly in the show’s final moments brings to memory all kinds of moments in the series that have pointed to that message.  Family is what brought them together.  Love is what kept them together through everything.

Saying goodbye to Fringe is a sad moment for me.  Countless hours have been spent watching and discussing it, and I’m sure will continue to be spent on watching and re-watching old episodes.  Fringe was one of the Sci-Fi greats and it will be missed.

The Fine Line Between A Young Adult and Me

Jessie Willcox Smith's illustration of Alice s...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my newly acquired free time, I have been reading constantly.  I’m surprising myself even, by reading more than I am watching television.  I have finished five books since the start of the new year, and am set into a sixth.

The interesting part though, is the books that I’ve been choosing.  Out of the five finished, three have been young adult books, and a fourth was a rehash of sorts of Alice in Wonderland.  Clearly I have a type.  On one side I feel this needs no explanation   What’s not to like?  But all the same I want to share my exuberance for this genre with you.

Besides being short, well-written, and easy to read–at least from a college level’s perspective–young adult novels have a lot going for them.  They often deal with big themes that are still just as scary as a “grown up” as they are for kids.  Things like self-discovery and knowledge, love and loss.  As a teenager I wished these things would happen to me.  Now, I’m glad that most of them didn’t.

Books have a way of highlighting and heightening the good times that I remember from my own past.  Characters in books were not bogged down by things like math homework and chores.  Or at least, if they were they didn’t seem to take over a character’s life.  Books remind me of the times that I like to remember; an idealized version of my childhood and teen years in which I spent hours at friends houses and the only homework that needed doing was the fun parts.

Furthermore, I find the books that I’m finding or returning to are by the same authors I read as a kid.  Their voices and writing styles are quietly familiar.  Sometimes, they are loudly recalling the books I read as a kid (as is the case of Son, the final in a quartet by Lois Lowry).  Other times they are simply a similar feel (I never read John Green’s books as a kid, but love them now).

Whatever the reason, I will happily continue to read books “below my reading level” as long as they interest me.  While I am glad to read more grown up books, I see no reason to stop reading my current favorites as well.  Besides, the fiction section of the library is huge!  How am I going to find stuff I like in that monstrosity?

Writing About Writing (week of January 14)

Monday: journal (3)
blog – midseason
Tuesday: journal (7)
Wednesday: what I want
How do I…
Thursday: journal (2)
dream and some project work
blog – Youth Lit.
Friday: nothing
Saturday: journal (3)
blog – Fringe outline
Sunday: nothing

Last week I was successful in logging more than 20 hours, clocking in with 26 and a half.  While I didn’t get to a coffee shop to work, I did otherwise get out of the house nearly every day this week with the exception of Saturday.  I will also call script writing/planning a win, though a small one.  Writing out my dream wound up giving me a decent plot to go with that I plan to work on a bit more next week.

Next week is looking a little lonelier so far, so I very well may employ the coffee shop work tactic.  Mostly this is just a way of getting me out of the house everyday, which is the main goal.  I also really want to amp up communication as I am trying now to find myself housing in LA for while I’m there… if anyone knows of someone or somewhere I could rent a room from let me know!

Hair, Here, Everywhere

I have long hair.  Well past my shoulders even in a ponytail long.  I actually get annoyed when people mention it.  To me, having long hair is not a big morality or beauty decision.  This decision was based solely on my own convenience.  I find going to a salon time-consuming and annoying, not to mention pricey.  I prefer not to think about it, why do other people hold it in such high importance?

While I keep myself relatively clean, a beauty routine is not really my top priority.  I get a haircut about ever 6 months.  This is typically when i am home and my mom has gotten on my case to do so.  If she’d let me, I’d cut it myself.

If this long hair I’ve been rocking is supposed to be the beauty ideal (and it’s recently come to my attention that it is), it doesn’t seem to be working for me guy-wise.  Maybe it’s my attitude, but there have been no boys come a-knocking.  I’m told that “in this day and age” it’s harder for a guy to make a move.  Be that as it may, and call me old-fashioned if you’d like, I’m not going to be doing the asking.  While I am focusing on school at the moment, but that’s not to say I would turn down an offer to buy me drinks.  I will turn down an offer to make out in a closet.  Not my style.

Regardless of length, hair always seems to be a compliment of choice when looking for a complement for females.  Long hair’s get, “Don’t you love it?” and “How long did it take?”  While shorties are “brave” or “bold.”  Or even the mildly offensive, “gay/lesbian”.  Why can’t hair just be hair and left at that.  Yes, sometimes it’s pretty, but how does the length intrinsically change it’s value?

I’m not scared of short hair.  I’ve done it.  It looks good on me.  I’m not emotionally attached to my hair.  I’ve cut nearly all of it off twice so far and will likely do it again at some point.  I’m not crazy about the shift from short hair to long hair (I tend to look like Shaggy out of Scooby-Doo), and that, combined with the above stated preference not to spend hours at a time in hair salons, is why I have long hair right now.

I just wish that a person’s personal grooming decisions could be just that.  Personal.  No having to explain to the world why they have chosen to cut all their hair off, or grow it out past their butt.  Is that so much to ask?  Apparently it is.

Bird-sized Thoughts at Mid-season

To use a fandom term, I have so many feels on the mid-season offerings that I don’t quite know what to do with myself.  Instead of rambling on about how life of a television season has changed, I thought I would keep it short and sweet.  Relatively speaking.

Downton Abbey: *incoherent screaming* *laughs hysterically at the Dowger Countess* *cries for Edith*
Once Upon A Time: I have recently become aware of “Captain Swan”.  While I’m thrilled, I must say that I see a horrid missed opportunity to call a pairing Swank.
Girls: The return of sex, drugs, and middle upper class elitism.  This time with Donald Glover.
The Mentalist: How many “Red” title variations can we have?  It’s becoming a test of indurance.  A very entertaining test of indurance.

Bones: Renewed for season 9 and going strong!  How’s that for a show I questioned the premise of at the onset?  Pretty darn good.
The Carrie Diaries: Why is everyone obsessed with having a teen version of everything? Was I the only one watching “adult” TV as a teen?
Castle: Someone told me the other day that I look like Castle’s daughter.  Apparently I can only cos-play people who are fictionally related to Nathan Fillion.

NCIS: Raising the bar on procedural crime dramas.  Ten seasons strong.
NCIS:LA: Every time I see it I love it, but it has yet to make it on to my DVR.
The Following: I persoanlly have 3 degrees to Kevin Bacon already, what of that will change upon watching this show?
New Girl: The “new” jobless Jess is much more relateable.  Also, Jess and Nick are my Ross and Rachel.
Go On: *is impressed that they’ve gotten this concept to last*

The Middle: Everything about these kids is fascinating to me.  You know Eden Sher (Sue) is my age right?
The Neighbors: This show is a bit too… alien for me.
Suburgatory: Alan Tudyk! She has a new Surface Tablet!  And that’s about all I got.  I can’t watch this show without haunting day-mares about my time in the suburbs.
Whitney: Well it’s…. nope, I can’t.
Criminal Minds: Drowning in water is boring.  Let’s drown them in lye.  Then we can drink their blood.  <– what I imagine their writers room is like.
Supernatural: I haven’t even seen this show and I want an Impalla.  What’s that, they don’t have the Impalla anymore?  Seriously dudes?

Zero Hour: Intriguing.
Elementary: The most perfect un-pairing I’ve ever seen; Lucy Liu and Johnny Lee Miller consistently blow me away.
Community: February 7th actually being October 19th means that my mom doesn’t get a birthday.  That gives me more time to knit, so I’m excited.  Also just excited.
1600 Penn: What, Josiah Bartlett wasn’t funny enough for you?
Glee: I hear good things, and how can the people be wrong?  Especially when they let Leverage win best drama.  *cries over Leverage*

Fringe: I’m worried about human!September.  What happens if they DON’T save the world?
Grimm: I may start watching this when I start going through Fringe withdrawal.

What shows did I miss?  What is your Twitter-sized thoughts on the mid-season lineup?