This Will Be: January 2013 Edition

1-WP_20121231_001I’ve been putting off writing this post for a long time.  Usually I have these month review/preview posts all set up about a week in advance and then will check them over the day before to make sure this points are still accurate.  Not this time.  I’m writing this one on Monday, the day before it goes out.

I know exactly why too, it’s because I still don’t quite know what this month will hold.  While usually I can talk about holidays, events, and the like that I will be celebrating or attending, work that I am slotted to do, January has nothing.

In the whole month of January the only thing listed on my calendar so far is the series finale of Fringe.

While I could end this post here, saying that the month will be spent in anticipation and morning of a television show, that is not my sole reason for existing this month.  I promise.  Instead, I’m going to use this as an opportunity to set a few goals for myself.  So, thing’s I’d like to do in January:

  • Write!  I want to work on the exercises in the travel writing book (see yesterday’s post) and work on some blog features.  I’m also interested in writing personal essays and outlining a new script I have in mind.
  • Cook dinner for my family once a week.
  • Get to know more people in the city.  Most of the people I know now are still in High School or are gone away to college.  I’d like to get to meet a bit more of an older crowd so that I have people to talk to/go out with.
  • Yoga, climb, or hike at least twice a week.
  • Visit three museums including at least one outside of the city proper.
  • A little bit of blog re-vamping.  I’ve promised it a few times, but now I actually have the free time to be sure that it happens.

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