As a new year comes around I see people all around me setting New Year’s resolutions, getting ready for a new year.  As I’ve said before, I prefer to set yearly goals on my birthday, but as I gear up for a big question mark of a year — something I hadn’t foreseen on my birthday last September — I want to have some way of making the occasion.

Something I have seen throughout the internet is something called One Little Word.  One Little Word is having a word to center the year around.  When considering if I was to have a word for this year I knew almost immediately what that word would be.


Don’t get me wrong, I’d still say that my main goal for the year (as September is more than halfway through the year), is to be intentional about the way I am living my life.  But I also want to be sure that fear doesn’t keep me in the same routines if I can gain something from doing things differently.  I think.

Honestly, I’m not sure how “fearless” is going to manifest itself.  I just know that this is something I want to keep in mind in the coming weeks and months as I take on a whole new set of challenges that come with moving to a new city and taking the first steps towards “professionalism” (another word of the hour).

Other goals include
-Get an internship
-cultivate a professional wardrobe
-begin networking
-find a writing mentor
-develop and finish two full length pilots/specs
-start regular features
-learn to use Hoot Suite to promote new blog posts
-read 26 books
-continue to learn German
-make things! For every one item for myself, two for someone else.

There are a few other, more personal goals that I am also going to keep track of, but these are


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