Writing About Writing (week of December 31)

Monday: journal (2)
Tuesday: journal (2)
Wednesday: journal (1/2)
blog – public television
blog – travel lessons learned
information gathering
Thursday: journal (1)
goal spread
Friday: journal (1)
Saturday: journal (4)
Sunday: journal (2)

I seems that I cannot recall what my goal was at the beginning of last week.  Here’s to hoping it required a lot of journaling for that is what I did.  Journaling, reading, and watching television.  A fair amount of thinking of writing, but not much of the actual pen to paper.

In the next week I hope to return to a few writing exercises in my travel writing book as well as figure out what the best way to go about writing blog posts is (timing wise, I think I know how to write one in and of itself).

It also seems that my reading and TV watching material has seeped into my subcontious.  A book about Alice in Wonderland and Downton Abbey seem to have me stuck in this strange way of thinking both slightly old fashioned, and in a wild British accent.  Perhaps I can try my hand at writing in that style, though I can’t quite say how “that style” would go about being written.  [insert Dowger Countess-ism here]


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