The Science of Creativity

It often strikes me how different my sister and I are.  We don’t look alike, we don’t think alike.  People are sometimes surprised to find that we are even related.  My sister is in her first year of an engineering degree, something that is so far beyond my fathoming that I cannot even think of where I would begin.  We are on opposite sides of the spectrum in nearly every way; creative on one, scientific on the other.

Last weekend I visited the Tech Museum in San Jose.  I went with the primary goal to see the museum’s Mythbuster’s exhibit, which was both awesome, and slightly disappointing.  So many people in for the last weekend of it’s showing made it hard to get close enough to anything.  Poor lighting made it hard to read the explanations   What I found more interesting, was the differences in what I was interested in and my sister was interested in.

The other exhibits in the museum were interesting, some more than others.  I quickly tired of the heavily scientific explanations in some, while my sister spent exorbitant amounts of time at them.  Interactive and musical games and drawings were my favorites.  Things that I could play with.  Perhaps I am not, as we say in my family, the target market.  I liked the interactive because it allowed for creativity to take reign, even amidst the highly scientific intonations surrounding me.

It’s amazing how often the two interact.  The type of creative storytelling that I do is only possible from the technological developments in science and engineering.  Engineers must use creativity to develop new innovations of technology.  The question becomes, how can art and science work together to build the future?

Before that future comes to be, we have a lot to learn about each other.  We need to be patient with each other.  Learning the limitations of each can show us the future we are bound to.  Stretching the limitations of one through the lens of the other is what drives innovation.

I am looking forward to the future.  While we know not what it will bring, it seems to us a blank slate on which to draw whatever we choose.  A slate of the new and the different, however that unfolds.


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