Writing About Writing (week of January 7)

Monday: journal (9)
blog – Angel: In-betweens
blog – Angel: Redemption
blog – Band of Brothers outline
blog – This Space
uesday: journal (2)
travel writing exercise #4
work – wrap up
blog – Band of Brothers
Wednesday: journal (1)
blog – Science of Creativity
blog – In the Works
blog – Hair edit
journal layout and plans
Thursday: journal (3)
Friday: journal (1)
Saturday: journal (4)
Sunday: story theory
blog – midseason thoughts

I’d say last week has been quite successful.  My goals were to do an exercise from the travel writing book (done) and to try writing historical fiction (not done).  I also noticed that I tend to get more work done earlier in the week with is great to know for scheduling in the future.

Anouther thing I worked on was creating a timesheet.  Perhaps it’s a little silly to have a time sheet while unemployed, but I wanted to see how much time I was spending on what.  It also kept more more accountable and I logged in 19 hours.  Since I was aiming for 20, I’d say that was nearly success.

All that said, my goal for this week is two fold.  I’d like to log in over 20 hours over the course of the week.  I’d also like to be sure that I leave the house every day.  I have coffee’s and lunches set for early in the week, but also would like to spend a morning or afternoon in a coffee shop later in the week.  As I have just come up with an idea for where I want one of my projects to go, I’m excited to get to work.


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