In the Works

1-DSC_0043 2-DSC_0045

I did an “In the Works” post a few months ago to say what I was working on craft-wise, and I’m happy to be doing another.  I hope to have this be a post that I write up every so often.  A sort of keeping myself accountable post, though not as much as my Writing About Writing series.

This month I’m finishing off a scarf just like the one I mentioned in my last post.  This one is purple, but is made from the same type of yarn and the same technique (knit till it’s long enough).  This one I am planning on donating to the Purple Scarf Project, a project to raise money for pancreatic cancer.  I don’t have much (any) specific connection to pancreatic cancer, but I’m happy to knit something to give away.  I’ll likely knit a third scarf with the same “pattern” for myself in green.

The second picture is a slipper that I’ve started for my mom.  I said that I’d like to have knitting supplies for Christmas and my mom gave me this pattern and yarn to make for her birthday.  This one is tough, I’ve never followed a pattern before.  I’ve restarted twice already, and, well, you can see how far I’ve gotten (not very).  I just can’t seem to get the counting and knitting and watching TV thing down.  Bah. I’ll keep trying though.


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