Hair, Here, Everywhere

I have long hair.  Well past my shoulders even in a ponytail long.  I actually get annoyed when people mention it.  To me, having long hair is not a big morality or beauty decision.  This decision was based solely on my own convenience.  I find going to a salon time-consuming and annoying, not to mention pricey.  I prefer not to think about it, why do other people hold it in such high importance?

While I keep myself relatively clean, a beauty routine is not really my top priority.  I get a haircut about ever 6 months.  This is typically when i am home and my mom has gotten on my case to do so.  If she’d let me, I’d cut it myself.

If this long hair I’ve been rocking is supposed to be the beauty ideal (and it’s recently come to my attention that it is), it doesn’t seem to be working for me guy-wise.  Maybe it’s my attitude, but there have been no boys come a-knocking.  I’m told that “in this day and age” it’s harder for a guy to make a move.  Be that as it may, and call me old-fashioned if you’d like, I’m not going to be doing the asking.  While I am focusing on school at the moment, but that’s not to say I would turn down an offer to buy me drinks.  I will turn down an offer to make out in a closet.  Not my style.

Regardless of length, hair always seems to be a compliment of choice when looking for a complement for females.  Long hair’s get, “Don’t you love it?” and “How long did it take?”  While shorties are “brave” or “bold.”  Or even the mildly offensive, “gay/lesbian”.  Why can’t hair just be hair and left at that.  Yes, sometimes it’s pretty, but how does the length intrinsically change it’s value?

I’m not scared of short hair.  I’ve done it.  It looks good on me.  I’m not emotionally attached to my hair.  I’ve cut nearly all of it off twice so far and will likely do it again at some point.  I’m not crazy about the shift from short hair to long hair (I tend to look like Shaggy out of Scooby-Doo), and that, combined with the above stated preference not to spend hours at a time in hair salons, is why I have long hair right now.

I just wish that a person’s personal grooming decisions could be just that.  Personal.  No having to explain to the world why they have chosen to cut all their hair off, or grow it out past their butt.  Is that so much to ask?  Apparently it is.


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