Writing About Writing (week of January 14)

Monday: journal (3)
blog – midseason
Tuesday: journal (7)
Wednesday: what I want
How do I…
Thursday: journal (2)
dream and some project work
blog – Youth Lit.
Friday: nothing
Saturday: journal (3)
blog – Fringe outline
Sunday: nothing

Last week I was successful in logging more than 20 hours, clocking in with 26 and a half.  While I didn’t get to a coffee shop to work, I did otherwise get out of the house nearly every day this week with the exception of Saturday.  I will also call script writing/planning a win, though a small one.  Writing out my dream wound up giving me a decent plot to go with that I plan to work on a bit more next week.

Next week is looking a little lonelier so far, so I very well may employ the coffee shop work tactic.  Mostly this is just a way of getting me out of the house everyday, which is the main goal.  I also really want to amp up communication as I am trying now to find myself housing in LA for while I’m there… if anyone knows of someone or somewhere I could rent a room from let me know!


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