Why Fringe was so Revolutionary, Thoughts on the Series Finale

I have already tried to get you to watch Fringe.  And considering that it’s series finale was last week, at exactly 100 episodes, it’s a bit late to convert you.  But I did want to share some of my thoughts on the series and my sentimentality over it ending.

The world of Fringe is full of alternate universes and time and memories being erased.  They move quickly from your typical freak of the week procedural, into a place where there are tons of questions to ponder with each new episode.  As a viewer

Fringe (TV series)

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I learned quickly to never trust what I was seeing, questioning every thing from characters motives to if they really were who they claimed.

The multiple universes and realities let the cast show off their versatility as each actor or actress played two or three different versions of their characters.  Olivia, Fauxlivia, and WilliamBell!Olivia.  Peter and Observer!Peter.  Walter and Walternate.  Even when the character itself didn’t change, what the characters remembered was sometimes different from what the audience saw, and the actors all played it beautifully.

From the finale the show’s message is clear: love of family wins over all hate.  Seeing it shine so clearly in the show’s final moments brings to memory all kinds of moments in the series that have pointed to that message.  Family is what brought them together.  Love is what kept them together through everything.

Saying goodbye to Fringe is a sad moment for me.  Countless hours have been spent watching and discussing it, and I’m sure will continue to be spent on watching and re-watching old episodes.  Fringe was one of the Sci-Fi greats and it will be missed.


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