Writing About Writing (week of January 21)

So this one may be a bit jumbled, my notes aren’t very clear.

Monday: blog –
Tuesday: journal
blog – Fringe
Wednesday: nothing
Thursday: journal (1)
blog – sick day
Friday: journal
Saturday: journal
Sunday: blog – apartments

Bah.  What a week.  I have been half sick for most of the week, including one day of being totally out of commission from a massive headache, cold, blehs.  I didn’t even get to go climbing this week!  So sad.  All things considered, I’m cool with it.

Next week I want to be focusing on finding a place to live in LA.  I have a whole list of people that I need to contact to try and find a place, but may wind up with something off airBnB in the meantime.  But more on that tomorrow.  I expect most of my writing this week to be emails, but am hoping to get back to journaling in a serious way too.


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