This Has Been: January Edition



January has been an odd month, like I knew it would be.  I spent most of it working on various things, and playing around with social media and watching YouTube videos, which I classified under “work” though maybe I shouldn’t.  While I’m happy with what I did get done, I’m disappointed in what I did not get done.

While I am an introvert (and these days thank goodness), I work better when I have someone to bounce ideas off of.  I can strengthen and clarify my ideas and then go into working on the with some degree of certainty that they will pan out.  I’m having trouble starting totally on my own.  A writers group would be fantastic for this purpose, but I don’t have one and can’t seem to find one.

If writing was a win-lose this month, blogging was simply a win.  I was able to keep up with posts with minimal slip ups, and I’ve got a bit of an editorial calendar ready for February.

And the other goals of the month?

  • Making dinner weekly.  Check.
  • Meeting new people.  Nope.  Though, I did sign up for a small group and will be going to a meeting tonight.
  • Workout twice a week. Mostly.  I’ve gone climbing or yogaing each once a week except for last week when I was sick.
  • Museums.  Yes and no.  I went to one, and it was outside the city, but I’ll call this one a fail.
  • Blog revamp.  Still no.

Also this month I got new glasses and some new clothes.  Mom and I are working on getting me something of a professional outfits to speak of.  I started searching for housing in LA, and watched a host of web series and an entire season of Leverage (I’m going to be watching their fan chat tomorrow!).


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