I’ve been thinking lately about morning routines.  I spent  too much time with this site, reading all the routines of celebrities.  Trying to get a sense for what I want in the morning and how I want my day to go.

My routine has become one of rolling out of bed at 7 or 7:30 to sit at my desk and journal.  I have my quite time in the morning and then get dressed with clothes set out the night before.  I have a breakfast that changes often.  Nutella toast, PB&J on an English muffin, eggs, or cereal.  Often with fruit.  Always with tea.  I have a single serve tea pot that I adore, but I’ll sometimes make just a mug.

When I’m living with my parents as I am now I read the San Francisco Chronicle or The New York Times while I eat.  But just the arts sections.  Style, travel, home, food.  Sometimes I’ll read the Business section if there’s a technology article that catches my eye.  When I’m living on my own I don’t subscribe to the newspaper, so I’ll power up my computer and try to make a bit of a dent in my Google Reader (I have around 30 new posts to read every day).

The whole thing probably takes about an hour and a half.  Maybe a bit more.  But I haven’t tried it with on a deadline before.  When I was having to leave the house at 8am I would try and get up at 7.  It was different then, but I’m not sure how.  Right now I have nowhere to go, nothing to get to at a specific time, so I’m not sure how it will change when I have to be in class by 9am.

When I’m traveling or having an appointment, the whole routine seems to go out the window.  I’m too shy in front of others to journal and I’ll just eat whatever is put in front of me when I’m staying with someone.  If I go climbing in the morning and leave early, I’m never able to wake up early enough to get through the whole routine.  The quiet time gets cut off or I rush through breakfast.

What is your morning routine?  I’m fascinated with the differences in people’s habits, so I really am curious.  How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?


3 thoughts on “Mornings

  1. Oh, I’ve never seen that link– too scared to click, I know I’ll get sucked in! Last month, I did a lot of thinking about a nighttime routine, and this month I’ve been thinking about the morning. I’m in a weird transition phase of life (just quit my job!) so I’m lacking the structure that I used to have out of necessity. I find that my morning routine varies drastically depending on 1) my mood in the morning, and 2) what, if anything, is on the docket for that day. So I’ve spent the last two weeks just kind of observing my natural inclinations when it comes to morning, and it almost always involves tea, a check-in with the news, followed by a nebulous amount of time thinking, reading, or writing. I’ve learned that I most prefer mornings that are slow to start, ones that gently push me into wakefulness, sometimes over the course of several hours. Now my goal is to use those observations to come up with a routine that both acknowledges my natural inclinations and also provides me with some form of structure and momentum at the start of the day!

    • Evening routines are a good point. A lot of times we don’t realize how connected the two are, and I’m starting to see the connections now.

      I’m in a similar position right now, as I’m on an extended break. I go back in two weeks and am going to have to figure out how to condense the routine without spoiling it, because I’ve become a bit attached.

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