Christianity as Oppression: You’re Doing It Wrong


Picture unrelated.

It came up most recently in a conversation over original shows a classmate and I were working on.  What do I believe?  Well, that’s a fun question, isn’t it?  I am always hesitant to answer this for fear of ridicule, when rarely have I ever run into the adverse reactions I’m expecting.  So here goes again.

I believe that humans want, at their core, to be good, but are incapable of perfection.  I believe that Jesus came to save us from out imperfection and there will come a day when we are either accepted in heaven through his name, or sent to hell for denying Him.  Harsh?  A little.

But there’s a little more to it and the next part is super important.  God could have forced us to believe in Him, but he didn’t.  He wants us to come to believe in Him on our own terms.  He doesn’t want you to change or stop doing something before you come to Him.  The idea that we much radically change ourselves in order to come to Christ is radically wrong.

The change we see and hear of in Christians occurs first in their hearts after God enters their lives.  This change in heart fuels other changes.  Changes that Christians want because of their changed perspective.  Faith changes lives, but only with the consent of the life being changed.


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