Writing About Writitng (week of February 18)

Monday: journal (1)
blog – WAW
Tuesday: journal (1)
Wednesday: journal (1)
fanfiction – Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Thursday: journal (3)
Writing challenge
Friday: journal (1)
Saturday: journal (3)
blog – my alternative life
blog – this has been
fanfic – (master list)
Sunday: journal (1)
blog – this post

Last week was rather uneventful, as much of this break has been.  Most of my writing was journaling, and wasn’t exactly ground breaking, however I was able to break out of a little bit of a rut by writing some fanfiction* and doing a writing challenge put on by terrible minds.  I didn’t post it, but I am glad to be writing something new.

The writing challenge also sparked me to write up my own set of challenges for fanfiction.  I call it a master list, and I haven’t written one up in ages.  It’s sort of a choose your own adventure FF challenge creator.  In one column is a list of characters, pairings, or friendships that I am interested in writing, and in a second column is prompt list, usually one word or phrase to spark something.  These usually turn into a whole host of one shots and nothing much more, but it’s a good way to get my pen moving.

Next week is going to be busy with settling in to a new normal of living in LA.  Mom and I are driving down there today and are moving all my things in.  I’m excited to be getting started on this semester.  Finally.

Writing-wise I’m hoping to do lots of journaling and get down some preliminary ideas for my projects this semester.  I am going through the assigned reading and am taking a few notes of what I hope we’ll stalk about and things I want to incorporate into my writing practice.  I’m trying to think of writing as a habit.  One that if I get into, I will be able to keep up even if I don’t have a specific deadline to aim for.

*On occasion I write fanfiction.  I don’t know where this falls in the category or professional or personal writing (probably somewhere along “other”), but it gets me writing and I’m happy for that if nothing else.


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