This Has Been: February Edition


How quickly this month has gone!  It seems wrong for time to have gone so quickly even though I wasn’t doing much.  Seriously, what did I do for the past month?  The past two months even?  I spent so much time pondering that question that I created a straight up list of things done to share with ya’ll today.

This month I:

  • became a better climber and a stronger yogini
  • kept up with the blog
  • made my first vlog
  • Mythbusters exhibit
  • created a journaling and quiet time habit
  • written some fanfic
  • started a list of possible LA contacts
  • mom and me road trip
  • saw 2 performances from my old high school
  • made a dent in Dollhouse, Leverage, and Luther
  • checked out 10 new web series
  • drank LOTS of tea
  • curated my wardrobe
  • plenty of knitting
  • joined zipcar
  • babysat a newborn
  • saw Warm Bodies with a friend
  • watched the Ocsar Nominated live action and animated films
  • nearly finished the Up series with my mom
  • Girl with the Pearl Earring exhibit

Looking back on this month includes mostly memories of TV watching and internet derping.  I don’t even know what happened half the time, but looking at the list reminds me of some good that came from it.

It should also be noted that I did not move to Cambodia, I did not file to transfer to Eurythmy school, and I did not run away and hide on friends couches all over the globe.  In that sense I consider this extended break to be a massive success, because these are all things I have considered at least once since Christmas.

There are a few things that I would have liked to do and wasn’t able to get to, so it wasn’t a total win, but what I didn’t get to this time around can be saved and better planned for next round.  I hope that I do get to have a friends road trip sometime soon, and I am still looking to connect with other writers (but I suppose that’s what school is for).


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