Writing About Writing (week of February 25)

Monday: journal (1)
Tuesday: journal (3)
blog – This Will Be: March
Wednesday: journal (2)
blog – Book Reviews
Thursday: journal (4)
Friday: journal (4)
letter to my future self
blog – this post
Saturday: journal (1)
Sunday: nothing

Last week was filled with a continuation of the weeks before, with only a change in location.  I’ve now completely moved down to Los Angeles for the semester.  I spent the last few days before class starts finishing the assigned reading and setting up blog posts for the month.

I also went to an event at the Writers Guild of America West (WGAW) to see a screening of The Good Wife and hear the show runners talk about starting the show and their process.  It was fascinating and my friend and I have decided to make a habit of going to events like it.  I’m so excited to be social and relatively productive again!

This week will be full of the new.  In class again.  Even more socialization.  All exciting things.  As far as writing I’m hoping to continue a similar pattern of journaling (though I know I sometimes live in a fantasy world).  I’m expecting that most of my writing for the week will be school related.  We’ll see how it turns out.


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