The Truth in Question

I am sometimes amazed by the difference in ways that I write.  Sometimes the words simply appear in my brain as I type them.  Or even as I walk down the street, wiating to be written down.  Begging me to stop and collect them.  Other times writing is painful.  Each word in itself a slow, difficult decision.

It is the same struggle that every writer has had.  There is nothing new under the sun and even writers block is included in the old adage.

The question I feel will never be answered is how to create the flow of words from the stoppage of them.  When no words come, how do I force them.  There is the old childhood attitude of waiting for inspiration to strike, but that becomes impractical over time.  What is the plan for when that stops working?  How do you create a time of focused work?

The answer I hear is scheduling.  I’m not at all sturprised.  Timing is key to everything.  At the moment though, the only thing I have to temper writing is relaxation.  It feels bizarre to say the least, to schedule watching television and reading.  But perhaps in that insanity lies the truth of productivity and creativity.

Could that possibly be right?


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