Angel the Series: The End


As I did with Buffy last summer, I’m taking some time to analyse it’s sibling, Angel.  Angel is a completely separate beast to Buffy (in more ways than one).  It is oft-times darker and more sinister, but also arguably more diverse in a multitude of ways.  My adoration for the Buffy-verse starts here, with my Buffy series last summer and continues with Angel.  Other topics covered on Angel: Beginning; The Team, The Villains  and The In-Betweens; Death; Shanshu Redemption.

And so another good thing comes to an end.  Angel was a thrilling, heart wrenching ride to go on.  There were a few moments of absolute agony in which I actually called friends in tears (I don’t have a television problem. nope) because of something that happened.  Angel erred on the side of sinister and depressing at times, but at it’s core is a message of hope, attempting to continue in the face of adversity.

I’ll admit that I actually finished Angel right before the end of last semester.  It’s taken me longer to write about it than it took to write about Buffy.  There are a multitude of factors involved in this, but I’ll admit one of them being my own uncertainty over what to say.  There were times when it simply didn’t hold my attention as much as it’s predecessor had.  Yet I don’t regret watching for a second.

Angel brought up morals and ethics in a way that very few television shows can.  If you’re willing to look into it, you see the overarching questions and can choose your own answer.  In essence, Angel achieved what all good shows should strive for (IMHO).  It allowed audiences to ask themselves what they would do if they were put in that situation, knowing all the while that they would never actually have to answer.  In this way, it was able to ask big questions without needing to give real world answers.  Allowing viewers to ponder without the guilt that can come with more true to life examples.

Angel is a fantastic show with a huge heart.  The characters and their lives touched me in such a way that I will carry their lessons and strengths with me always.


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