Writing About Writing (week of March 18)

Monday: journal (3)
school – cards
Tuesday: journal (1)
Wednesday: journal (1)
school – beats
Thursday: journal (2)
school – beat sheet
Friday: journal (2)
blog – has been
Saturday: journal (1)
blog – this post
Sunday: journal (6)
school – script

Last week was full of lots of beats going onto cards.  As a class we worked out everyone’s beats and the flow of all the scripts for seven people.  Lots of ideas being kicked around and plots being reconfigured, not all of which is represented in this post.  It’s hard to put brainstorming/plot-figuring into a writing list, but it is an essential part of the process.  This weekend I began to go to script which is a little terrifying.  I officially have two weeks to write around 45 pages.

Hence, this week I’ll be doing a lot of script writing.  I’ve gotten a few pages already, and I’m aiming for about 50, so if I work consistently I should be writing three or four pages a day.  I likely will not write that consistently, but that would be the aim.  I will also be continuing to journal and a little bit of blogging because that’s just the way I seem to roll/I don’t have everything for this week scheduled already.


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