This Has Been: March Edition


I’m amazed that it’s already the end of March.  I’ve been so focused on my program and class work, that the time has gone by very quickly, so that even though I am aware of the date, I was shocked to see the 31st my calendar when I flipped the page this week.

This month has been full of getting to know some new people and hanging out with old friends sandwiched between 9:30 to 3(ish) classes every weekday and industry events or random things in the evenings and weekends.

It has become a running joke in our class that Parenthood (see picture) makes people cry. I’ve come to accept that out of our group, I am the one most likely to cry over something. Not so much as joke as a fact if life that one. It’s a trait I got from my mom, who commiserated with me over it. Note if you ever see me crying: do not be alarmed. A lot of times I just can’t control my tears. I’ll be fine, I promise.

I had a first date this month… with a ZipCar.  At the moment I am living in LA sans-car and quickly finding out a lot about how impractical that is, especially in the industry I’m looking to get into.  Sometimes having personal transit is a pre-requisite to getting a job.  I reserved a ZipCar last weekend and quickly learned that driving in LA is not nearly as intimidating as I made it out to be in my head.  So that’s probably good.

This month also included a bit of church shopping.  I was a bit surprised, and very pleased to find a church I like as quickly as I have.  I’m already building a community here, slowly but surely.  I’m hoping that this community can help me to find a place to live soon.  The Space I’m in now was always meant to be temporary, and it’s demise is oncoming.

The good news is that if all works out I can start looking for a more permanent place here in Los Angeles.  I have applied and things look good for me to stay here and take a second round of classes in a similar style to what I’m taking right now, and then I will be able to finish my requirements with a few online classes in the fall.  As long as I can get the permissions I could be graduating at the end of this year.  I’m not quite sure how this happened, but I’m pretty excited.


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