Writing About Writing (week of March 25)

Monday: journal (3)
Tuesday: journal (3)
school – spec work
Wednesday: journal (2)
blog – House of Cards
school – spec work
Thursday: journal (5)
school – spec work
blog – monthly review
Friday: journal (3)
school – spec work
Saturday: journal (1)
blog – this will be
blog – what’s the big deal
resume work
Sunday: journal (2)
blog – this post

For the most part I am really happy with what got done last week, though there are a few things that were a bit disappointing through the week.  I had started writing the House of Cards post to publish this week, but didn’t get it done in time so there is no post on Wednesday.  Even though I know that probably no one noticed until I pointed it out, I am annoyed at the inconsistency*.

I started using an application called Toggl, which is fantastic in that it times how long I work on things and I can look back on it to remember what I worked on.  Made writing this post much easier than usual.  So far I’m still in the 30 day trial period, so at the end of that I’ll have to determine if it’s worth $5/month.  I’m already leaning toward yes.

This week is the last week of my program, and I want to finish on a strong note.  During a yoga class earlier this week, when asked to set one word for my practice I decided on stamina.  It’s a word I want to take into my writing this week.  The way I see stamina is a mix of focus and strength.  Perfect for yoga, and fitting for this final push of writing my spec.  Focus + Strength = Stamina = This Week.

*Just a note on consistency  I aim to have a Writing About Writing post on Monday, a TV/media post on Wednesday, and two unspecified posts on Tuesday and Thursday.  I’m not sure I’ve ever shared that with the blog, but that’s been the goal.


2 thoughts on “Writing About Writing (week of March 25)

  1. Great post! Just to clarify, Toggl actually has Free plan that can be used as long as you wish. It has basic time tracking and reporting features. To get some advanced features, you can sign up for a Pro plan. This has 30-day free trial and after that it’s 5 $ per user/month. See more information about the differences here – http://support.toggl.com/why-go-pro/

    • Oh sweet, I couldn’t quite tell. I figured I would keep using the free plan until it told me I couldn’t anymore, but I’m so glad to hear that I can continue to use it either way.

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