This Will Be: April Edition 2013


Here we go!  This month is going to be full of new experiences and I’m super excited for all of them.  I should probably do this more often, but I’ve been thinking about my theme for the year: FEARLESS.  This month is going to have to be embodiment of fearless.

The program I am a part of will be ending this week, leaving me with oodles of time, just as it was before I started school.  This round I think I have a little bit more direction of what to do with my time.  Starting in mid-April my “full-time job” will be applying to internships and writing.  I am also planning on posting ads for babysitting and nanny-ing.  If I’m going to have a pay-the-bills job, I want that to be it (know anyone with kids in LA?).

Along with the program I’m working on, my temporary housing will also be up soon.  This means that I will be finding a new place to live in April, moving, and settling into a new place.  If my academic plan works out (I register April 9th!) I should be able to sign a year lease and actually be able to commit to it.  This may include buying a futon.  IKEA here I come!

I plan on taking a test to get a motorcycle license, and looking into buying a scooter.  Driving has never been appealing to me, so this seems like the best alternative.  This will mean learning how to drive it and also trying to learn some of the basic mechanics behind it.

This month will also be about building a community.  Now that I will be able to focus less on school I will be able to start meeting up with old friends and making new ones through my church.  I want to join a community group and really grow some roots.  My class will also likely do meet-ups as a writing group which I’m excited for.  I will also finally have the time to meet up with other people from school who I keep meaning to call.

What are you all doing this April?  What’s the most FEARLESS adventure you have planned for the month?


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