Of New Homes and Old Buildings

It’s occurred to me that while I’ve been living here for just over a month, I’ve yet to show off any more than the mirror in my room.  Truth be told, I haven’t taken many pictures since I’ve been here, but that dosen’t mean there’s nothing to see.

So this past weekend I took a photo walk so I could share with you a bit of what my neighborhood is like.  I took many more than these, some of which will be appearing in posts later in the month, but I wanted to share a handful right away.


A car between where I’m living and the grocery store.  I didn’t even think there were tires until I was looking through these pictures again to put together this post.


Lots of these ’round here.


The required feet picture.



I am in a love/hate relationship with Los Angeles architecture.  Half of it is georgous Art Deco buildings made in the golden age of Hollywood, and the other half is hideous 80’s boulders of buildings.  I really want to get an AIA Guide to the city so I can read up on what’s what and the history of it all.  #NERD


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