Writing About Writing (week of April 1)

Monday: journal (1)
school – spec writing
Tuesday: journal (3)
school – spec writing
blog – picture post
blog – house of cards
resume updating
Wednesday: journal (1)
school – spec writing
Thursday: journal (1)
school – spec writing
Friday: journal (2)
Saturday: journal (1)
Sunday: blog – this post

Last week my goal was to finish out the semester strong.  I’m happy to say that I finished my sample spec and sent it in before 10pm on Thursday.  42 pages worth of script, one of the most complete stories I’ve ever written and I’m extraordinarily happy.  In fact, the past three days have been spent in a bit of a stupor.  What next?  Leading very nicely into…

Next week.  I have no clue what next.  A few life things that need to be sorted including registering for next semester and finding a permanent place to live here, but writing-wise I can’t quite decide.  I’m going to keep writing here, for sure.  In fact I hope to pour a lot of creative energy into this blog in the next few weeks and months.  Now that I’m officially on break I’m pumped to be working on whatever I like.

One thing I’d like is to work on a script.  I have an idea for another sample spec, but may return to an original that I was working on last fall.  I can’t quite decide, but either way I want to start something.  I’m hoping that some of the people from my class will help me decide what to work on.

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