But Also Live

Boston Marathon: What do I even say?

It doesn’t make me lose faith in humanity.  I don’t cry for the people involved.  I feel no sudden surge of hope or kinship from the heroics.  Perhaps I would feel differently if I living in Boston, but I’ve always had a similar reaction to crisis’.  Not emptiness or angry, grief or hope, no feeling of change.  The emotions come later.

I feel for the survivors.  Years later we hear reports of the survivors getting remarried.  Having another child.  Having moved on.  This is when I feel a sudden wave of “How could they!?” followed by joy.  Joy that they have found happiness in the pain.

But for now I only see.  And re-blog on Tumblr.  Because even if I don’t understand, maybe this will help someone else.  This picture.  This information.  This quote from Mr. Rodgers.

My prayers are with the survivors.  Grieve.  Remember.  But also live.


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