Writing About Writing (week of April 15)

Monday: journal (6)
school – letter of petition
Tuesday: journal (3)
blog – Remember Boston
Wednesday: journal (1)
Thursday: journal (2)
blog – I Ship It
Friday: journal (3)
blog – this post
Saturday: journal (3)
blog – Dollhouse pt.1
blog – book reviews 2
Sunday: journal (2)
original spec – notion and letter plots
notes – Oz, Mosaic

Last week was both eventful and slow.  I kept busy, mostly reading, going to the library, and watching movie musicals about the founding of the United States.  Writing-wise I didn’t get in as much as I would have wanted, but in other areas I’ve been quite chuffed with all I’ve been able to do.  Also, while it wasn’t writing I did manage to pull out a project from last semester that I’m interested in revisiting.  I just re-read what I have and came up with a few ideas of where it could go.

I found a potential apartment and applied for academic clearance to determine if I can actually stay here.  I joined a small group and found an organization to volunteer with, assuming I’m able to stay.  Of course immediately after I determined a plan I found out that it could be weeks before I get cleared.

This week I’d like to add to the routine I’ve started of journaling and quiet time in the mornings.  I want to add some more serious writing to that list, starting with the project I read through last week.  Down the line I’d like to be waking up early to get in at least an hour or two of writing, but this week I’ll start small.  I’d like to write for half an hour every morning before breakfast.

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