Writing About Writing (week of April 29)

Monday: journal (3)
original spec – world and plot
blog – will be
bit of a song
Tuesday: journal (3)
fanfic – Elementary
Wednesday: journal (2)
original spec – plot outline
Thursday: journal (2)
fanfic – Elementary
Friday: nothing
Saturday: journal (1)
blog – Cabin in the Woods
blog – Much Ado About Nothing
Sunday: journal (3)
blog – this post

My writing in the morning plot has been working quite nicely.  I choose not to write on Saturday and Sunday, and this Friday I went climbing early in the morning and then didn’t get around to making it up.  I’ve noticed that I tend to be all or nothing with habits (journaling every day from nearly not at all, brushing my teeth twice a day from… not that often, you get the idea) so I’m a bit surprised that my writing in the morning thing hasn’t taken over.  Well, I suppose there’s still time for that.

I’m making good progress on my original spec (the one I’ve been working on is called The Vine), and I am somehow drawn to fanfiction lately.  I haven’t been heavily into fanfiction in YEARS, so I don’t know why I’m suddenly drawn to it.  I just keep getting random ideas for Elementary fics.  I can’t even seem to finish one, which is probably the most frustration aspect of the whole bit.  *sigh*

I don’t really have any specific goals for next week.  I’ve got a whole list of blog post ideas, so I’d like to hack into a few of those, but other than that I’ll probably just keep on chugging.  Cause, you know, I’m a train and stuff.


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