5 Things That I Don’t Understand

There are some things that seem to exist and I really don’t understand why or how they came to be.  Allow me a few examples.

  1. Gespatcho.  It’s cold tomato soup.  Why?  Tomato soup is wonderful when it’s hot, why do you want to mess with that and let it go cold?  I honestly don’t understand the appeal.
  2. Lying about your age.  I’m not sure what that gets you.  If you’re pretending to be something you’re not then people will start expecting something that you can’t deliver.  Young and old, every age has it’s advantages, play into those positives instead of focusing on the negatives.
  3. Driving.  On some levels I understand it.  I know how it works and how to do it, but I wonder why.  Biking is healthier.  Busing is cheeper.  Plus all that time searching for parking.
  4. Procrastination.  This one I understand the least, but probably do the most of.  I don’t understand it at all, I can’t seem to stop myself.
  5. Marzipan.  What is it made of?  What is up with that texture?  What does it even taste like?  The world may never know.

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