People think that there is just good and bad, but there are so many variants between them.  To regulate something as large as a government or a corporation as “Bad” negates any good they may have done.  In order to gain power, a group has to have had enough good for people to think it was the best option.  Weather they can continue to do good depends on an endless number of factors.

One potential problem with this is that no one should be completely dependent solely on one other person or organization for everything we need or want.  Sometimes it happens though, that we find ourselves depending anyway.  Not because of meaning to, simply because it’s easy.

Easy isn’t always bad, mind you, but often it’s not as good as it could be.  Easy is paying someone to do what you know you could do.  Easy is sitting on the couch instead of going for a run.  Easy is complaining about something even though you have the power to change it.  Easy is maxing out your credit card while online shopping.  Not on purpose, but just because you don’t realize how much you’re spending.

Money matters, politics matter, they matter because we let them matter, but we let them matter because we as humans want things to make sense.  We want order and organization to make sense of the chaos, and economics and governments give us something to look at for that order.  Or perhaps more accurately they give us something or someone to blame.  And isn’t that what we want most of all?

We want change and radicalism.  But we also want easy.  And I can’t think of a moment in history when change has been easy.  Surprising, yet inevitable?  Always, but never easy.  In all that order it’s so easy to let the chaos sneak back in.


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