May Sweeps Review 2013

As the season and series finales are coming to an end and summer reality shows begin to roll in, I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts.  Overall I can’t think of any finales I watched that were disappointing.  Confusing, yes; disappointing, no.  In fact, it was a great showing of plot and character.

In general, the finales that I watched or heard about fell into one of two categories: “Where do they go from here?” or “I see what you did there.”  Neither is better or worse, and both versions make me eager for September to come.

On the “Where do they go from here?” side fall Community, NCIS, Elementary, The Middle, and Bones.  All have been renewed, and Community only just.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen now, I almost feel like the show has written itself into a corner, but at the same time I know that they’ll find a way back.

But honestly, now that Jeff is graduated what happens to the study group?  How are they going to top Sherlock naming a bee after Watson?  The whole Moriarty plot in fact, was so stunningly brilliant that I’m at a loss for what happens next.  The entire NCIS team just quit.  Seriously, how does the show continue from here? (this is also what I said after Gibbs ‘retired’ in season five-ish)  What will The Middle look like without Axel?

Conversely on the “I see what you did there.” side are Once Upon a Time, The Good Wife, The Mentalist, and Modern Family.  For these I can see pretty well what they’ve set up to continue, and while I like that I have an idea of what’s coming, I know it will all turn itself on it’s head and I can’t wait.

Because that twist at the end of The Good Wife: killer.  I’m so excited to see how that works.  And I like the new goal they’ve set for Once Upon A Time, the show works much better when they have a clear goal.  They’re not going to all get back home until the series finale, but that’s okay.  Oh Henry!

What finales did you see?  Do they fall into one of the categories I saw?


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