Studio Tour

The recordist in me wants to be sure that every step of this process of moving was recorded. The blogger in me looks at all the pictures of an empty apartment and doesn’t quite know what to so with it. And so we come to this post, a combination of the two, sharing pictures of my apartment before the boxes and flat-paced furniture.

It looks much different now, though still unfinished. I’ve put together the furniture, went to get more of it, and finally called the cable company to hook up the TV, but here it is in all it’s white-washed, empty glory. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have a new, put-together apartment to show off

I love my front door. The frame around the peephole was there when I moved in, and I adore it. I’m still contemplating a name for this apartment, and I’m considering “The Framery” based on the front door.

new apartment

When first coming into the apartment you see the windows and exposed brick wall (and my mom, hi mom!), two of my favorite things about the place. To the left is the kitchen, on the right is the walk-in closet, and bathroom. Now we’ll go left.

new apartment2

The door to the kitchen. This is probably the wall that I will put my desk and TV up against. I’m envisioning a really long table sort of desk that I can put the TV on one side and do work on the other, with some sort of storage under the TV. I’m not sure I’m describing this correctly, and I’m not sure this piece of furniture exists, but I’m searching.

new apartment3

Into my tiny kitchen! So far I’m uncertain about the tile counters, but in love with the double welled sink. Not as deep as the one in my last apartment, but still awesome.

new apartment4

Shot, reverse shot, the kitchen from the other side. I’d like to turn the space by the window into a dining area, but the refrigerator may need to be moved to… next to the stove? There’s not really anyplace else for it to go, so I’m still thinking on that one.

new apartment5

Back in the main room, the space on the left is where my bed is now, and the closet is full of clothes. I want to get some sort of folding wall to separate the closet from the main room, but all the ones I’ve seen look like they came out of a nursing home. And not in a cool, hipster sort of way either, more in a might fall apart any second sort of way. Another thing to contemplate.

new apartment6

Through the closet and on the left is the bathroom. Yes, that is a window in the shower. I’m still not sure how best to deal with this. Mostly I’ve been showering facing the other direction. The window faces an alley, but I’m still on the first floor, prime vouer-tunity.

new apartment7

The medicine cabinet above the pedestal sink. Also a selfie on the day I moved in. Cause I’m super fly like that. Aaaaand we’re going to end on the selfie. Why not?

Actually, I’d like to end on a picture of the inside door of the apartment, but I didn’t seem to have taken one when I moved in and to take one now would mean revealing some of the stuff I’ve put in since I moved in. I’m torn here, but I think I’ll wait until it’s a little more set up to take that picture, then share it.

Thanks for indulging my recordist side, next time it will be full of things and you can insult/applaud my taste in interior design. Promise I wont take offense.


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