Writing About Writing (week of July 22)


They say if you want to be good at something you need to practice every day.  I started Writing About Writing as a way of keeping myself accountable for how much I was writing outside of my school work.  Everything counts.  Emails, journals, scripts, blogging, even excessive tweeting.
Over time this space has become a way of keeping track of weekly goals in other areas of my life as well as writing.  A statement of what I’ve done, and what I want to do.  A weekly record of my successes and failures, for better or for worse.

Monday: journal (1)
Tuesday: school – game deck
Wednesday: journal (2)
school – game deck
blog – letters
Thursday: journal (1)
school – IP bible editing
Friday: journal (2)
Saturday: nothing
Sunday: journal (2)
blog – this post

Last week was mostly about school work and more school work.  The class had a few tours earlier in the week and were able to do a soft pitch of our show/game/whatever.  It was good to be able to give it a try as that will be our entire existence this week.  I’m happy with the amount of journaling I did this week, and I happily got slowly return to my quiet times.  Yay!

My goal for this week is to give specialized pitches to each of the companies we’re pitching to.  I want to be sure to focus on an aspect of my IP that falls in line with what the company typically works on.  I think this will help me go in with my best possible option.

Anything I get to do beyond that is a bonus.  I’m hoping that part of that bonus will include a few blog posts, but we’ll see how that goes.  It might be a bit of a sparse week for the blog, but next week I should be back in full force.  In fact, I have a very long idea list for next week that I’m excited to dive into.


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