This Has Been: July 2013 Edition


It’s amazing to me how quickly this month passed, but I know that it only passed so fast because I was drowning in school work most of the time.  Because I planned ahead things were pretty calm on the blogging front, but a few favorite things from this month:

Other things from this month?  I spent the vast majority of my time either at school or working on school related projects.  Or attending networking events that my instructors suggested.  Or hanging out with my classmates.  Or seeing old classmates that have since graduated.  Lots of networking.  Lots of creative work.  And while it was a lot to do, I’m so glad for the opportunity.

Thankfully none of those things are boring.  Hanging out with classmates on the 4th, seeing fireworks and going to In and Out.  Come to think of it, a lot of this month was In and Out.  A murder mystery party that recently graduated friends put on complete with fake identities and fancy dress.  A day at Comic Con alternating between fangirling and attempts to network.

Of note, two weeks in a row I left and electronic device with a specific friend of mine (my phone plugged into her car, my charger at her hotel).  I think I’m done with that pattern, but my phone has been giving me problems since Comic Con.  I think the convention center ate it’s soul.  Calling my mother has been on the to do list for almost a week, but whenever I start to my phone dies or it’s too late.  It will happen this week mom, promise!


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