Writing About Writing (weeks of August 26 and September 2)


They say if you want to be good at something you need to practice every day.  I started Writing About Writing as a way of keeping myself accountable for how much I was writing outside of my school work.  Everything counts.  Emails, journals, scripts, blogging, even excessive tweeting.
Over time this space has become a way of keeping track of weekly goals in other areas of my life as well as writing.  A statement of what I’ve done, and what I want to do.  A weekly record of my successes and failures, for better or for worse.

Because of the retreat I went on last weekend, there was no Writing About Writing post, so this week is a double-whamy of writing all the things.  A bit longer than usual, but good for my sanity.

Monday: journal (1)
blog – goodbye summer
blog – summer TV
Tuesday:journal (2)
Wednesday: journal (1)
blog – has been
Thursday: journal (3)
blog – has been (edit)
blog – will be
Friday: journal (1)
blog – happy labor day
Saturday: journal (1)
Sunday: personal story

I finished a journal this week.  The second complete one of the year, which is pretty exciting for me because I’m a nerd.  I also wrote a lot for the blog and was in the writing track for the artists retreat I was on.  We worked on a personal story, I wrote about moving to LA and the craziness that was that.

While on the retreat I spent as much time as possible writing in swings that looked like human-sized birdcages.  I’m not sure I’m describing it correctly, but it was magical.  I got to confer with other writers and others who were trying out writing and it was awesome.

For the next week I knew going in that I was going to be on the retreat one day, interning three days, and only have one weekday off to do all my school work.  Welcome back to school!  Honestly, after the retreat I just wanted to get through the week with reasonable energy levels while in public.

Monday: journal (2)
finishing story (draft 1)
Tuesday:journal (1)
Wednesday: paperwork
Thursday: journal (1)
blog – letter to my future self
blog – this post
Friday: journal (1)
Saturday: journal (1)
Sunday: journal (1)

I seem to have made it though.  Interning is of to a great start.  Both my internships are giving me a chance to practice things that I’ve been meaning to learn for a while and will come in handy in the future.  Exciting stuff.  When I come home I’ve pretty much collapsed into bed every night.  Busy, but good.

One big thing that needs to happen this week is finishing the essay I started last weekend. If I want it to be included in the big book then it needs to be to the people by Friday.

Speaking of Friday, it’s my birthday on Friday. I don’t have plans yet, but I’m thinking of getting some friends together and making a plan at some point this week.

More general goal for the week? Be more on top of my school work. I was so focused on internships and catching up on sleep last week that I wound up spending all weekend doing homework. Let’s not do that again.


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