9-11 Post

Wednesdays are for media posts and today we have Remembrance Day.  Or at least that’s what I think they’ve started calling it.  This generation’s Pearl Harbor.

There’s nothing especially creative or entertaining about the marathon of news media on the day or and following 9-11, but I’d venture to say that it’s the most important part of television.  When television first began broadcast, the government put the stipulation on it that they had to provide current events coverage along with the entertainment.

We got the first taste of live continuous coverage during the Iranian Hostage Crisis.  Months upon months of the same news over and over, an hour’s worth of time devoted to it after the local news.  And people kept coming back for it.  While cable networks began, someone decided to put the two together to create CNN.

On September 11 every station was CNN.  The anchors just kept on going.  Because what else could they do?  No one had paid for commercials with the intention of them playing over this.  Cut to a rerun?  Of what?  And so we got news.  Hours upon hours of unending updates, repeats of the same information, the same visuals over and over again.

There was nothing else.  What is there now?


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