This Has Been: October 2013

Somehow my only proper goal for the month was getting together a Halloween costume. That’s a bit of a fail in goal-setting, but I did manage to complete it. Today I’m went to a party as Buzz Lightyear, with a second round of party tomorrow night.  Even in the fail there is a bit of a win.

October was, for the most part, getting into the rhythm of my weeks and getting used to working nearly full time. While it wasn’t a stated goal for the month, a continuous goal of mine is to have a base-level routine that can be shifted based on what I need to do in a day or a week, and I think I did manage to even that out this month.

Within the past few weeks in particular I’ve attempted to shift my schedule to include waking up early in preparation for National Novel Writing Month. More on that next week, but I’m definitely going to be taking a stab at it this year.

Unfortunately October was also a nearly cold turkey stop on blogging.  This was mostly unintentional.  I knew that the semester and my class and interning load for the end of the year would be heavy enough that I wouldn’t be as committed to blogging.  I didn’t anticipate how drastically this shift would occur.  I hate it when people apologize for not blogging so I’m not going to do that, but I am trying to recommit to it.

Other things to be ticked off this month:

  • Paid my traffic ticket without having to go to traffic school. Yay!
  • Bought a Kindle and have been reading entire books in single days.
  • Working media projection with the production team at church.
  • Officially launched a writers group filled with old classmates.

The biggest pitfall of this month has been falling a bit behind on my school work. I’m taking three courses and two of them are proving to be a bit more frustrating than I anticipated. I’m not getting as much feedback from the instructor as I’d like and mid-semester fatigue seems to be setting in. I’m so close, and I know I’m going to pull through, but November might be a bit exhausting.

What was your October like? Any fun Halloween events to end off the month with?

The Royal Diner

As a part of the summer semester I took my class went around town pitching our original ideas to producers and production companies around town. The last week of class was both stressful and adrenaline-filled. On day two of pitching we pitched to a production company who’s offices are on the Fox lot.

A studio lot is about as magical as you would expect. There are rows and rows of trailers where actors spend their down time and get hair and make-up done. Parking spots are labeled with names of actors, producers, or even just the names of TV shows, saving spaces for trucks of equipment or stacks of flats covered in plastic with labels like “Barney’s Living Room” or “Jay and Gloria’s Bedroom” (#truelife).

For our pitch meeting I carpooled with two classmates and we parked in the adjacent parking structure about an hour before our meeting was scheduled. The extra time gave us the freedom to wander the lot, practicing our pitches on each other, scoping out where our meeting was, and searching to see if we could recognize anyone. Through this wandering we happened through the studio’s backlot.

The backlot is sort of a permanent outdoor set. Most studios have one, and it’s where movies and TV shows can shoot outside scenes in a controlled environment. It’s a place that looks like a city (usually New York), but most of the buildings are hollow save for rigs to set lights. Sometimes one or two of the buildings are what’s called “practical” which means that they can film inside the building and it can be “dressed” to look like wherever the movie or show is set.

“Oh look, this stoop is outside of the bar in ‘How I Meet Your Mother’!” my friend said. We took pictures and kept moving, and as we neared the next corner is when I saw it. “It” being the set of The Royal Diner from the show Bones. I was beyond excited.

Bones was one of the first shows that I would tune in every week for. The show began the first season that I was really following and loving scripted television. Since then I’ve tapered off on the show, but somehow seeing the set reignited that spark. I suddenly missed Booth and Brennan and wondered what had happened to them since I’d stopped watching. But there was more than that too.

Somehow seeing this set in particular reminded me why I was there to begin with. I am in Los Angeles to make television that people love. TV is an escape, but the fictional world of characters can bring up questions that make you examine your own life. They can help people watching to make memories of their own, and they can inspire courage, strength, and love in our lives.

Television is powerful. And seeing The Royal Diner reminded me of that. Just a silly little practical set, but somehow so much more.

Belated TV Wishlist

Over the years I have fallen out of an old habit I used to have of making wishlists starting at the beginning of the TV season.  I know we’re a month in already, but there are a few shows that haven’t premiered yet, and there are some that have premiered that I haven’t seen yet, so I wanted to put together a bit of a wishlist for this season.

This list does not cover EVERY show I watch, and while these things would be lovely to see, I know that some of them are impractical.  This is just for fun and entertainment.

In this season I want…

  • them to wait to replace Ziva on NCIS. The team has been three before, and while I do want to bring some female energy back in there at some point, I also think these characters need some space to grieve.
  • Ichabod Crane to show his protectiveness over Abby in a way that is awkward or culturally ignorant.  I also want Ichabod to never change. (Sleepy Hollow)
  • an answer to how Agent Coulson is alive. (Agent’s of SHIELD)
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character on The Crazy Ones to go on a date.
  • Will to wind up at the governors inauguration against his will.  I want the awkward and awful conversation that is sure to be Will and Alicia at the governor’s ball. (The Good Wife)
  • Rumplestiltskin’s magic to be used against him in Neverland somehow. (Once Upon A Time)
  • Alice to go to a tea party. (Once Upon A Time in Wonderland)
  • a West Wing reference in either Trophy Wife or Mom.  I would also be happy with a Good Guys reference in Trophy Wife.
  • Rose to be treated with the respect she deserves in the 50th anniversary.  Honestly, I’m a little scared. (Doctor Who)
  • Grissom to come back for the 300th episode. I know this is probably a long shot, but isn’t that what wish lists are for? (CSI)

What do you want to happen on your favorite shows this season?

Lunchtime Recap

It has been nearly a month since I’ve posted anything in this space.  A month full of reading, watching, and learning.  A month of both achievements and it’s fair share of small failures.  This month has been so full, but I’ve also been missing this space.  Starting today I’m making it a goal to spend at least one lunch time a week writing a short update.

These days my week is nearly entirely scheduled in advance.  I have four days a week of internships, one day off to do as much school work as possible, plus a handful of other groups and events I’ve committed to for the semester.  Since I’ve started helping with the production team at church my Sundays have been entirely filled with fellowship and serving.  And even with all the busy I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Some highs and lows since I’ve last posted here.

High: Riding my scooter everywhere!  I’m being safe, I promise Mom.  I have been able to get pretty much everywhere I need to go on my scooter and I’m so glad that it’s working out.  I never want to own a car.
Low: A trip to the LA Superior Court to pay a traffic ticket.  I had to move some stuff around to meet my deadline, but the good news is that I don’t have to go to traffic court. #done

High: Serving on my church’s production team.  I haven’t done some of this stuff in years and I’m pretty pumped to get back into it.
Low: Since I haven’t done production work in years, one aspect of it triggered some bad memories.  It’s a long story that I don’t think I’m ever going to be ready to share with the internet, but I have some fantastic friends who were willing to listen.

High: DisneyLand! Because it was my friends birthday and she needed people to go with her.  I can’t say no to DisneyLand.  We went on my day off and it was fantastic as always.
Low: Messing up the directions and spending an extra hour driving. Totally my fault!  I definitely should have been paying better attention.

High: Successfully recreating one of the most complicated deserts I know how to make (Baked Alaska) without the recipe I knew from childhood.    I’m still a little stunned that I was able to do this.  It was even better than the last time I made it (with the recipe).
Low: The continued frustration of balancing online classes.  One of my professors seems to be teaching her opinion which is a tad infuriating.

Overall, I’d say the highs are far greater than the lows.  Meanwhile, my 15 minutes are definitely up, so I’d better clean my dishes and get back to work.