This Has Been: October 2013

Somehow my only proper goal for the month was getting together a Halloween costume. That’s a bit of a fail in goal-setting, but I did manage to complete it. Today I’m went to a party as Buzz Lightyear, with a second round of party tomorrow night.  Even in the fail there is a bit of a win.

October was, for the most part, getting into the rhythm of my weeks and getting used to working nearly full time. While it wasn’t a stated goal for the month, a continuous goal of mine is to have a base-level routine that can be shifted based on what I need to do in a day or a week, and I think I did manage to even that out this month.

Within the past few weeks in particular I’ve attempted to shift my schedule to include waking up early in preparation for National Novel Writing Month. More on that next week, but I’m definitely going to be taking a stab at it this year.

Unfortunately October was also a nearly cold turkey stop on blogging.  This was mostly unintentional.  I knew that the semester and my class and interning load for the end of the year would be heavy enough that I wouldn’t be as committed to blogging.  I didn’t anticipate how drastically this shift would occur.  I hate it when people apologize for not blogging so I’m not going to do that, but I am trying to recommit to it.

Other things to be ticked off this month:

  • Paid my traffic ticket without having to go to traffic school. Yay!
  • Bought a Kindle and have been reading entire books in single days.
  • Working media projection with the production team at church.
  • Officially launched a writers group filled with old classmates.

The biggest pitfall of this month has been falling a bit behind on my school work. I’m taking three courses and two of them are proving to be a bit more frustrating than I anticipated. I’m not getting as much feedback from the instructor as I’d like and mid-semester fatigue seems to be setting in. I’m so close, and I know I’m going to pull through, but November might be a bit exhausting.

What was your October like? Any fun Halloween events to end off the month with?


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