The Sound of Music

When I was in San Francisco last week I spent an afternoon at the Castro Theater participating in their Sing Along Sound of Music show. This Thursday, The Sound of Music Live is on TV. Tomorrows broadcast merges a few of my favorite things. The Sound of Music (obvs) and live TV being the biggest two. I’m also excited to see Carrie Underwood who I think will make a great Maria.

I grew up with The Sound of Music, in a lot of ways this show/movie is how I learned to sing. Do, Re, Mi, and so on. I reference this movie all the time. In quips and lines that have become so natural to me that they have become my own as much as they belong to the movie.

I’m not sure how, but I’m pretty sure that last week was the first time I saw the movie since I went to Salzberg last summer. I found myself whispering to my mom, “I’ve been there!” at various points throughout the film. I am so filled with trivia facts about the movie that I could easily run my own tour. One of my plan B’s perhaps?

There are a million little things that I could talk about here from my adoration of Maria and the Captain (Naval Captain of a landlocked country), to my own ideas of what Maria was referring to in “Something Good” and “16 Going On 17 (Reprise)”. These characters are wonderfully brought to life on screen, and they will continue to entertain myself and others for years to come.

Weather it be Julie Andrews, Carrie Underwood, or a local school production, this show will continue to live on in our hearts through the movies, stories, and songs. I can’t wait to see another version of an old favorite.

Are you going to be tuning in tomorrow? What movies do you remember fondly from growing up?


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