Writing About Writing (week of December 2)


They say if you want to be good at something you need to practice every day.  I started Writing About Writing as a way of keeping myself accountable for how much I was writing outside of my school work.  Everything counts.  Emails, journals, scripts, blogging, even excessive tweeting.
Over time this space has become a way of keeping track of weekly goals in other areas of my life as well as writing.  A statement of what I’ve done, and what I want to do.  A weekly record of my successes and failures, for better or for worse.

Monday: intern – coverage
blog – WAW
blog – Will be
Tuesday:journal (1)
intern – notes
Wednesday: journal (1)
blog – sound of music
Thursday: journal (2)
school – HR outline
Friday: intern – interview notes
blog – year in TV
Saturday: school – HR paper
Sunday: journal (2)
school – HR paper
school – intern paper
blog – this post
blog – year in TV edits

Last week was really an exercise in returning to regular writing.  I wrote every day in some capacity, so I’d say my goal was achieved.  The only part I’m not happy with is Thursday.  Since it’s my day off, I always set a goal to get a lot done, but usually wind up spending most of it on the internet derping around.

My only focus this week should be school.  I know I will also have a few things to do for the blog, and journaling is sure to sneak it’s way in there, but I have a lot of writing to do for school to finish off the semester on a good note.  This is the last week of my last semester.  I affectionately refer to finals week as cleaning week because of all the cleaning I do to procrastinate homework.  If you are interested in seeing my apartment, I would suggest coming Sunday or Monday next week because it will be SPOTLESS.


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