The DONE List

Currently, I am unemployed and am making up my own schedule. Because I’m doing a lot of the same thing every day, it’s sometimes frustrating to get to the end of the day and not be sure how much I’ve actually accomplished.

With the start of the new year I’ve added a new ritual to my nightly routine. In the evenings before I go to bed I make a list of all the things I’ve accomplished during the day. Sometimes it’s a series of small victories. Things like doing the dishes that have been in the sink for a few days or catching up on the new season of Downton Abbey. Sometimes I’m listing big accomplishments like going for a job interview or meeting all the fitness goals on my new fitbit.

Big and small, all the day’s accomplishments are ranked equally on The DONE List. And yes, I write DONE in all caps when I write the list out in my journal underneath the morning’s entry. The list itself is a small thing, but I’ve found it to be extremely helpful to my sense of productivity.

It’s also a great record of what got done on what day. If I forget to make a not otherwise of when I sent in that application or weather I remembered to call my mom, I can check back and be reminded of when things got done. Speaking of, I should probably call my mom sometime today… Then I’ll get to put it on the list tonight.


One thought on “The DONE List

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