One Little Word: Free

In 2013 my word was fearless. Even though I didn’t do anything in particular to bring it out, fearless brought me to Los Angeles. It took me from whatever strange space of student, but not at school, that I was in early in the year and brought me to living on my own in a tiny apartment with a new community and the end of my academic career for the time being (no, grad school is not on the table right now).

I’m so glad for fearless. But I knew that 2014 would bring new challenges, new changes, and a new word along with it. I spent a lot of December deciding what that word would be, but in the end free chose me.

2014 is the first year where I have the complete freedom to make my life whatever I want it to be. Now that I have a degree I can start applying to jobs, instead of just internships. I have the freedom to choose what I want to do every day. I am free to explore Los Angeles. Free to plan new adventures. Free to write whatever I want without worrying about something fitting into the assigned guidelines. Free to stay or move. Free to live my life.

And this year I really want to take full advantage of free. Instead of it just being a mantra, I want to make my goals and achievements match my word for the year. To do this I’m going to be targeting specific areas for every three months.

For free, I’m framing every three months with a few targeted goals. In the end I’ll have 10-12 major goals, and setting them up every three months will give me more time to spend developing and refining each goal as I go along.

Next time I’ll be talking about my first set of goals for January to March: Planning Freedom.


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