Future-Tripping (verb) : Daydreaming about what the future will look like when one achieves all personal and professional goals (i.e. getting the dream job, finding the perfect spouse, taking the best vacation ever). See also: waste of time.

This term is one that a friend of mine introduced to me about a year ago. At the time I was dreaming about what it was like to be done with school. What it would be like to be able to find a job that will set me up for a career I want. Always thinking “Someday” and getting lost in “One day”.

It’s not that future-tripping isn’t fun. It’s nice to imagine a day when I am employed. When I can support myself and finally feel comfortable in this city of angels. But it’s not helpful; it’s not productive.

What is productive is making small steps toward the final goal. Helpful is taking those dreams and finding a way to make them a reality. And making dreams come true? That can only be done with your feet on the ground and your mind in the game, not off in the clouds.

I’m a dreamer, yes. But I also want to be a do-er. I want to reach for my goals and meet them head-on. From now on, whenever I find myself daydreaming, future-tripping, I want to pull myself out and determine what of my daydreams can be turned into reality. I want to write down my dreams to turn them into goals. One day instead of future-tripping, I’ll be reality-tripping.


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