Start with the Minimum


I’m a bit of an overachiever.  As a kid I would always want to do more than was actually required.  Read the optional summer reading books. Climb to the highest point in the tree. And when I got math problems wrong or I couldn’t find the right puzzle piece I would get frustrated and give up the whole endeavor. I can’t tell you how often doing homework resulted in tears.

But even when I was only able to do the minimum, I was always surprised by often just the minimum was enough.  By just showing up on time and having read the assignment I managed grades I was happy with.

This isn’t to say that school was always easy, or that I expect that life will be the same way.  But I think that this is part of why I’m psyching myself out over finding a job.  I’m trying to overachieve, but I don’t even know what the minimum is yet.

So this week I’m starting with the minimum, and we’ll see where that gets me.


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