Don’t Break the Chain

Every time I have been without a hard and fast schedule I have had the worst time waking up at a reasonable hour. I like mornings, but when I don’t have a reason to get up I’ll sleep til noon if I’m not careful.

I hate doing that though. I feel like the day is wasted and I spend the rest of my time playing catch up. I wind up staying up late to try and get things done, but it only serves to continue the cycle.

I’ve tried willing myself up and setting my alarm across the room. No matter what trick I tried, I never had success until recently.

Don’t break the chain is essentially a game of chicken I’m playing with myself. It’s a challenge to do the same thing every day without skipping – breaking the chain – with no reward other than a huge sense of accomplishment. This could easily work with anything you want to get into the habit of doing every day. For me, it’s getting up early.

My goal is to go 21 days straight waking up before 9am. I’ll admit that this game isn’t the only thing that helps. I also have friends checking up on me though the week and I’m using, a web-based sleep calculator to help me wake up and go to sleep within a reasonable rhythm, but so far this is the best motivation yet.

I’m loving this so far. It’s been a week and even within that I’ve broken it, but somehow this method makes it easy to bounce back. I look forward to using this method to create new habits and create a ritual out of routine.

How do you motivate yourself?

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