Oh Sochi! I feel that with all the political and social and economic parts that are moving in sync – and out of sync – with these games, anything I say for or against them is going to be considered a statement of some sort. Can we agree that the only statement I want to make is on the comradery and the together-ness that the Olympics can bring? Okay? Okay.

I’m not really one for sports, so for the most part when people talk about football or even baseball my eyes glaze over a bit and I tune out. The Olympics on the other hand are a completely different experience. I love nearly everything about the games from the opening ceremony (I cried) to the stories they weave in about the athletes (more tears) to the events themselves.

Part of me being so excited about this year’s games might be because I was hardly able to watch any coverage of the 2012 games in London. I spent the two weeks of those games in final preparations for What Moves You? and then traveling from there. While I appreciate the Olympic experience while traveling, this time is different.

Watching an Opening Ceremony with hundreds of people in the heart of Berlin is fantastic, but I couldn’t help but be frustrated when the overlaying commentary was in German and it drowned out what I could understand in English. I only caught snippets of events from hotel lounges and bars as Allason and I travelled. When the games ended we watched the Closing Ceremony in our hotel room in Rome.

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that I was traveling and I wouldn’t trade those experiences for all the Olympics coverage in the world, but watching these winter games has made me realize what I missed. So I cleared out my DVR to make room for as much Olympic action as possible.

I am continually moved by the power and grace that these athletes display. I can’t even imagine doing some of the things they are routinely practicing and performing in, but am simply in awe of their talents.


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