One Little Word: Planning FREEdom

This year I am taking my one word theme for the year “Free” and crafting it into four different focuses throughout the year. I find that a month is never enough to go into as much depth as I wanted to; with this system I can spend a more extended period of time on a few things over a season.

For the first quarter my focus is “Planning Freedom”, so for the first three months of this year I am working on setting myself up for 2014 and beyond. As it’s currently halfway through the first quarter of the year, this is the midpoint for the three main goals I made in conjunction with Planning Freedom.

Find a Job

The first and biggest goal is to find a job. While I have been working on this, I don’t feel that I have any solid leads yet. Every time I get one, it goes cold as soon as I follow up. On the bright side, I a friend of mine told me this month that the average amount of time someone looks for a job is 3-6 months, in which case I am still on track. And goodness, I hope I am not still looking for a job in six months!

Blog Redesign

The next big goal is to work on revamping the blog, which I’m excited about. I met with a friend of mine who is a graphic designer last week, and she will be helping me with branding. I am so glad to get started on this since I’ve spent so long hoping that it would just happen by magic. I know that’s not how life works, but I kept hoping.

Create Good Habits

The third and last goal is to cultivate good habits, which sounds vauge and strange, but mostly means that I want to create a really solid routine that I can fall back on when I don’t have a specific plan. This is probably the one that I have made the most progress on, though I would hardly say I’m done. Routines are things that are set and then tweaked and changed to be what is needed. While I have a general schedule for my day, I am changing it every week.

Unfortunately this task will probably never be “done”, but the goal is the get to a point where I am a fully functioning human as opposed to a Netflix watching machine and that is most certainly within reach.


Overall I think that I’m pretty much on track with where I want to be to achive all these before the end of March (the end of the first quarter), which is fantastic. I am already thinking about and planning for my goals April to July, which is a great feeling. Actively looking ahead is always better than reacting to whatever comes next.

What are you working on through this season?


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