It’s Here!

Hey guys,

Like I mentioned in my last post, this week I’ll be transitioning into my new blog, which I’m very nervous/excited about. The first post goes up today and I would really appreciate you checking it out. I’ve been actively building this new space for about a month now (though the idea has been on my mind for over a year) and I’m excited to start showing it off.

Along with the blog I’m also in the process of moving all my old video content to a new YouTube channel and will be posting new videos there every Sunday. Over the course of this month I’ll be transitioning my social media and other online personas to match my new blog URL,

This month is the soft launch and I plan on still posting a few things here for the rest of the month, but starting in October I’ll be posting only on Juniebird. My old posts will still be here, but by the end of the month I won’t be adding any new content to this site.

I hope you’ll join me this month over at!

In Transistion

I’ve been away from this space for more time than I’d like, but for once I feel like I actually have a good reason. For the past few weeks I’ve been working on building up a new blog, and new space, with my own domain name and a logo and everything. It’s been quiet here because I’ve been working and building something new.

All this building and working is very exciting, as well as more than a little nerve-wracking. My new blog will be much of the same type of content in a sleeker package and with more unified social media outputs. I’m very excited for all the work I’ve put into it, but quite nervous for the response. Obviously, whenever you migrate to a new blog space you loose some followers, so I’m worried that the small amount of people I do have wont make this transition with me.

I love this blog. I love all the things it’s taught me about how to write and create online content. What’s here wont be going away. In fact, over time I hope to bring some of my favorite pieces over to my new online home. It’ll take time though.

Next week will be the soft launch of the new site, and I’ll make a more official announcement then, but guys, this is starting to be real and I’m excited about where it’s going.